Program Fee Schedule

Recreation Fee Schedule

Activity Base FeeOut of Town Fee
1) Spring Soccer$70.00$20.00
2) Baseball Pre-K – 4th grade$80.00 $20.00
3) Tennis$60.00$20.00
4) Basketball K-2nd grade$100.00$20.00
5) Basketball 3rd-8th grade$120.00$20.00
6) Adult Basketball$70.00$20.00
7) Fall Soccer$110.00$20.00
8) Field Hockey$110.00$20.00
9) Volleyball$30.00$20.00
10) Golf$30.00$20.00
11) Fencing$50.00$20.00

Out of Town Fee

This fee applies to non-Union Twp. residents and is in addition to the base fee. This fee covers the cost of insurance and field maintenance fees, which are otherwise funded by Union Township residents.

Late Fees
Late fees are assessed at 50% of the base fee, i.e., if base fee is $120.00, then late fee is $60.00.