As of 3/24/2020:

Finn Road and Millbrook Park Use

Consistent with State Executive Orders No. 107 and 108 a portion of Finn Road Park will be closed to the public until further notice. As a precaution the port a johns in both Finn Road and Millbrook will be locked and unavailable for use.

Finn Road Park

The playground and pavilion shall be closed (fenced off) to the public. Port o John’s will not be available.

Finn Fitness Trail

The fitness trail shall remain open for walking/running only.  All fitness equipment on the trail should not be used until further notice.

Millbrook & Finn Parks

Parks remain open for the purposes of walking and passive recreation only provided that social distancing guidelines are followed.

County parks and open space

Consistent with orders issued by Hunterdon County, all playgrounds, picnic areas, pavilions, and building facilities in Hunterdon County Parks (like Hoffman) remain closed to  the public until further notice.  County parks and open space can be used for trail walking/running and passive recreation provided social distancing guidelines are followed.

All parks shall close at 8:00 pm in compliance with the recommended curfew set forth in State Executive Order No. 104.

This shall take effect immediately.